I have like 20+ plants, some are propagations of ones i had for awhile. I started with a lot of succulents but didnt have much luck with them, so now i mostly have vines. Which is ok because i love them.

DahnkeyKnife TimeSweet Boy
RasputinSnorlaxEkans is Snake Backwards
Franny & ZooeyBirkinScoop
PuppySkullySnake TWO
BandagesPropsSilver Springs


african violet • 12/10/14
a gift i received and have yet to kill. i dont really care for plants that bloom but my african violet rarely blooms, i always forget to fertilize it. also, mine seems to grow way thicker than anyone else's ive seen. Possibly named Boop bc its in the kitchen window through which i see many bluebirds.


silver squill • 03/09/15
this guy was part of a cheap little wal mart succulent assortment and oh boy did it not pair well with the succulents. this monster killed one of the succulents off in about a week. it's virtually impossible to kill, i completely neglected it at several points in its life and it just came back to life as soon as i remembered to water it. from the tiny pot it came in i propagated it to three other pots, then a couple years later gave one pot away which i then propagated into three more pots. Named Bells bc sometimes in early spring it has teeny tiny little bell shaped blooms.


dumb cane • 08/09/16
not having the best of luck with this one, it was in a small pot then it got big so i put it in a bigger one and it died back a lot so i gotta put it back in a smaller pot. ive seen that these can actually get pretty tall and tree like and would love to raise it to that state. Named for the protag of zeta gundam.


burro's tail • 02/09/17
only succulent ive managed to keep alive and it's just barely alive. i am trying very hard but it seems to have reached some miserable equilibrium where it looks sick but not dead???? obviously named for shrek


golden pothos • 03/23/17
this plant was doing so good until winter in 2019 and it started showing signs of root rot so i had to chop it up and start over. BUT! It's ok now, hopefully i can keep it growing and get it to be nice and bushy. I have no idea why its named knife time but it is.


philodendron brasil • 04/15/17
beautiful, sweet, lovely, perfect plant. on a moss pole so it's very bushy. you can let philodendrons get dry as shit before they need water. and this specific species has such pretty variegation. in the same winter that knife time nearly died i dont think sweet boy even dropped a significant amount of leaves, it was virtually the same when i took it in for winter as when i put it back outside in spring. named sweet boy bc its a very sweet boy.